Illuminating Uncertainty and Risk

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Founded by Dr. Sam L. Savage, author of The Flaw of Averages, AnalyCorp has provided strategic consulting and executive education since 1997.

"Dr. Savage's Distribution Strings represent a major breakthrough in the communication of risk and uncertainty. It significantly widens the practical applicability of sound theory in these fields."

-Harry Markowitz
Nobel Laureate
    in Economics

"Sam Savage is the Edward Tufte of Risk."

-Matthew Raphaelson
Executive Vice President
    Wells Fargo Bank

"Sam Savage is a rare expositor. He has a killer instinct for the heart of the matter and a fabulous talent for making it fascinating, easy, fun, and perhaps most important, profitable."

-Peter L. Bernstein
Author, "Against the Gods:
    The Remarkable Story of Risk"

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